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This is my outlook and positions on issues relevant to our community. A brief synopsis of each issue is listed below, and you can click through to see additional information. If you have any specific issues that may not be listed here that you believe should be, please go to the contact page and let me know.

Gun Rights

  1. Do more gun laws guarantee change?
  2. Do less options of certain guns by creating laws drive positive results?
  3. Is restricting ammunition right and at what cost to the responsible american?
  4. Should gun laws be done at the federal level?
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  1. Is capitalism the best option
  2. Should the federal government be involved?
    1. A right of the State?
    2. Regulations of costs
    3. Regulations regarding payroll
      1. Minimum wage
        1. Is it defined as a “livable” wage?
        2. Should it be Increased?
          1. Should the increase be at the state/local level due to differences in local cost of living
            1. Example: Differences between NYC and Dade City, Florida
  3. Competitive support to bring manufacturing of certain products back to USA
    1. Electronics
    2. Steel
  4. Tariffs vs Trade Taxes
    1. Balance between nations and companies that make sense and reward companies that adhere to Environmental Protections, Human Rights, and Country/International Growth.
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  1. Is the current written process good?
    1. Are we following current standards?
  2. Should we change current process?
  3. Is entering this country outside the written process acceptable?
    1. How should the process be enforced?
  4. Do we allow “pay for play” “Skipping the line” regarding immigration?
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Climate Change

  1. What does it mean? Education. 
  2. Is this something that has been blown out of context?
    1. Severity
    2. Ability to affect change
    3. Costs continue to increase
    4. Bills related to this have taxpayer funds going to special groups and companies with connections to supporting law makers
  3. Can we be better?
    1. Reducing waste
    2. Increasing environmental awareness
    3. Better recycling
    4. guidelines for manufacturing that makes sense
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  1. Should the federal government be involved?
    1. A right of the State?
    2. Regulations of Standards
  2. Who should be involved with decisions regarding public education?
  3. School of Choice
  4. Is “No Child Left Behind” working?
  5. How do changes to curriculum enacted?
  6. Should Federal Government be involved with College Education
    1. Costs
    2. Loans
    3. Curriculum
    4. Forgiveness
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