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I believe that focusing on the DOW/NASDAQ and various other trades as an indication of state of economy is a false state of mind.  Our economy is best measured by the individual and their ability to reach a quality of life that they deserve.  

How much to fill my gas tank, buy groceries, and engage with entertainment.  This is how we all should look at our economical success as a community and a nation.  I have seen my costs to live increase over the last year or so.  The cost to feed my children.  To enjoy a night out.  My second daughter drives a used vehicle that now she must spend more money to fill her gas tank so she can attend school at PSC and go to work (which has reduced her hours).  The things we as families previously never had to budget for are now needing to be planned ahead.  

I have been fortunate to have a good career and stable job with set hours, but realize, my community is not always so lucky.  

One size never fits all and if our representatives want to solve and reach individual economic security, the representatives need to be aware and address all levels where some adjustments need to be made.  In other words, talk to individual constituents from all walks of life and truly relate to the day to day economic insecurities we all face.

I will be adding and elaborating on this issue as the campaign moves forward.  Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Please go to contact section and submit If you have suggestions, sources, or ideas.

Committee of Josue Vazquez
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