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Meet Josue

I, Josue (Josh) Vazquez, am married to Luana with four children: Anton, Jasmine, Xellia, and Amellia.  I also have four dogs of two different breeds.  Our oldest is Cindy, a Cur.  Charlie is our next oldest and the mother of our final two puppies, Phoenix and Astra, who are all Labskys.

I was born in this district at Lakeland Regional in 1981.  After starting my childhood in a low-income area, my childhood ended in a middleclass environment thanks to the hard work and dedication of my mother and Stepfather.  I was honored to graduate from McKeel Academy of Applied Technology in the year 2000.  Afterwards, I joined the United States Air Force and began my career as a mechanic.  I served four years of active duty and two years reserve before moving to the next stage of my life.  As many young adults would agree, finding your "niche" in life can take time and many attempts.  After approximately 3 years, I found my calling as a tradesman in the reliability maintenance field.  Since 2009, I have supported many industries with Vibration Analysis, Infrared Mechanical/Electrical, and Mechanical/Electrical Ultrasonic inspections.  I do love my field of study and do not wish to leave it, but I also love my community and my country as well.  With the current political climate and community unrest, I see an opportunity for me to help.  I am not a politician, lawyer, or activist but I am a citizen that has experienced the most common scenarios that this country has to offer.  I am a tradesman and family man.  I am your neighbor and that guy stuck in I-4 traffic next to you. 

Although, I may not have first-hand experience in the political world I do have experience in working with and managing different views and different position levels in various businesses and industries.

I am looking for the chance to represent my fellow neighbor during a time that we all feel we are not being heard.

I would like to take a moment and provide what has influenced my standings and how it determines my decisions on important issues.

I was raised in a Christian home and my parent's faith in God has always been the most consistent and character-building foundation of my life.  I grew up with three sisters, two younger and one older.  Family values and a stable home are important to me, and we strive to maintain this daily.  Whenever possible, I surround myself with people from all walks of life and differing points of view.  Though I had a problem with authority when I first joined the military, as I imagine everyone does, I offer respect to authority figures within my family, my workplace, and in public settings. I spend my days at work resolving issues that at times appear to be unsolvable.  My supervisor during my military service taught me not to ask for help from someone until I have at least thought of two plausible solutions.  This created a mindset that I am the first step of finding a solution to my problems and most of the time, I can solve my own problems.  

I believe everyone should have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  This applies to lifestyles that may be considered unacceptable by certain religions.  As a man of faith, I offer love and support, not judgement.  I understand that everyone may have a different opinion.  If you find my opinion different, disconnected, or cold due to a possible lack of background information please help me understand your point of view and background data if you are open to discussion of our differing points of view.

I believe everyone has a voice and a right to be heard, no matter their stance or how it may offend me.  The moment we as a nation begin setting barriers and rules to what someone can or cannot say, we have given up something that our founders worked so hard to provide.  

I believe that deep down all of us believe in the same morals and basic liberties.  We all believe in our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the building blocks of our republic.  The labels, designations, and stereotypes are not helping our unity.  I strive daily to avoid them.  I feel they are the first step that leads to discourse between neighbors, family, and coworkers.   We need to come together as one nation, "indivisible".  When we do, we will be unstoppable.  Our unified efforts will drive a clean environment, peaceful gatherings, and prosperity not only here in our country, but around the world.  


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